Native lands

Oklahoma boasts a rich Native American history. The open space and grasslands that Native Americans called home help provide an escape from the daily grind of city riding. They invite you into a quieter, simpler place. As you ride into the rolling hills of Oklahoma you witness a land that is pure and uncut. This land housed nearly 67 different tribes. This land provided food for families, freedom for children to run, and freedom in general. Join us for both Native Lands Events and let the ride take you into the country.


March 31st, 2018

Its a challenge and an adventure! Native Lands Classic is you and your teammates taking on the route and the elements,  the gravel and the open skies, and the weakest part of each other as you pedal through Oklahoma’s most pristine countryside. NLC was built on a gentlemens style race that allows teammates to work together to navigate and finish the course. We wanted an event that escaped the normal race scenarios and challenged riders in a new way. NLC will challenge you beyond what you expect, but I promise the experience will not disappoint!

This year we are opening up our route options and including a metric century fondo (solo riders only). The fondo will be a more ‘road bike’ friendly version because we know gravel isn’t for everyone (even though we try). Don’t worry though, we’ll still offer our 2 person teams, traditional men/women’s 5 person teams, and our solo options for the big loop! 

BIG LOOP ADVENTURE– If you are part of a team, your riders are NOT required to be from the same USAC team/club, but must wear the same jerseys in order to distinguish themselves from other teams.

Teams will start with 4 minute gaps. The slower teams starting first and the faster teams starting last. This will allow all teams to finish close to the same time.

Fastest time wins.

There will be 4 checkpoints throughout the route. All riders are required to meet each checkpoint (these will be a punch card style check-in). Failure to meet a checkpoint will result in a 10 minute time penalties. If teams miss more than 2 checkpoints, they will be disqualified from the results.

This race is to be self supported. No outside support is allowed except under penalty of disqualification*. In a pinch, teams may share goods in the spirit of sportsmanship.

*Gear Drop- Racers will be allowed one bag for a gear drop. Location will be Chautauqua, KS . We ask that you keep your drop bag to a 12″x12″ size. 

FONDO– Have fun, ride safe, enjoy the views!

Race will be held in Pawhuska this year and we will be staging from the Osage County Fairgrounds.  We moved the start into the heart of Osage County to give the riders all new roads for riding. Race staging will be at the corner of Skyline Drive, and Old Highway 11 in Pawhuska (Just east of HWY 99).  See the ‘EVENT LOCATION MAP’ below.

Solo Fondo (Male/Female)- 
$40 per person

Solo Big Loop (Male/Female)- 
$40 per person

Team Entry (Male/Female)-
$30 per person/$150 team (5 person teams).

2 Person Team Entry-
$35 per person/$70 team


FRIDAY NIGHT we will have our bike expo and packet pickup at, American Solera Brewery 1803 S 49th W Ave, Tulsa, OK 74107. There will be food options, and plenty of beer. 

Coffee and  pastries will be provided the morning of the event. Be onsite a bit early to kit up and relax over some coffee before your start. 

Post race refreshments and food will be provided!


7:00 AM- COFFEE!

7-7:45 AM- Chip Pick-Up (All racers/teams will be chip timed)

8:00 AM- Mass start for our Solo Riders and Tandem Teams.

8:10 AM- Teams will go off in 4min increments.

10:00 AM- Fondo Riders Mass Start

12:00 PM- Lunch will begin being served as riders arrive.

BIG LOOP (115mi)-

70 gravel/45 pavement- We really think you will enjoy the terrain change and the beauty that is Osage County. You’ll start in the wooded hill country that shows off Oklahoma’s Cross Timbers region. Moving North through wet-lands of Hulah Lake and low lying farm, you’ll cross the Caney River and into Kansas. Once in Kansas, you’ll turn West along the river valley, then back South into Oklahoma’s beautiful Tallgrass Prairie. Here, you’ll be in the southern tip of the vast expanse that is the Flint Hills! 

FONDO (52mi)-

10 gravel/42 pavement- This 52mi Fondo was built around some of our favorite roads used in our Native Lands Tour! There are three gravel segments (one you will hit twice). They are ride-able on road tires, but we strongly recommend 33’s for tires. There is much more pavement here than gravel, but comfort is important. If you are riding on road tires, we suggest taking these segments slow! Lots of great climbing and views here! If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some great wildlife while riding the back side of the Woolaroc Wildlife Preserve. 

** There will be no cue sheets this year. If you need one, print it off from the Ride With GPS link provided. **


Join  us in October!!

Lets Party! Native Lands Tour is a party ride into the Oklahoma countryside. It is a self supported (almost) adventure. We want you to cut loose, enjoy some countryside pedaling, and enjoy the country roads. The plan is to ride north. We may change it this year. Our destination in past years has been Osage Hills State Park. When we arrive, we will camp, eat, enjoy some music and some time around the campfire. The following morning we rise for coffee, breakfast, and then break camp for more breathtaking miles! Expect 60-80 miles (per day) of paved roads, flat roads, gravel roads, back roads, hills, oil fields, open pasture land, long horns and tall grass to challenge you. Open your eyes and see Oklahoma!

TBD, but the past 3 years we have ridden Tulsa to Osage over some of the best country in Oklahoma! It’s a party on two wheels!

Coming Soon!

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